The P-CABLE Stand has been designed and built to raise power and supply cables off the floor.

stand p-cable


Stand P- Cable

The practice and benefits of lifting hifi cables off the ground were born from the intuition of a well-known electronics designer and builder, news which then spread among audiophile enthusiasts.

At Audio Mass, we have not remained insensitive to this phenomenon, and we have experimented with various solutions in order to lift the cable, while at the same time, with a particular material processing, also succeeding in isolating the cable from any vibrations coming from the surface beneath it.

The number of P-CABLE Stands to be used, in order to achieve the goal of cable lifting, is subordinate to the rigidity of the cable itself and its length. Two stands may be enough, one on each end, if the cable is sufficiently rigid, or it may be advisable to increase the number of stands to maintain a more constant lift throughout the cable path.

Preserving the musical signal generated by the source, in its entirety and beauty, is the guiding principle of Audio Mass.

The maximum cable diameter supported by the P-CABLE Stand is 40mm.


Height 44.5mm

Length 50mm

Weight 85g per Stand

Maximum cable housing 40mm

Quantity 6

stand p-cable

stand p-cable

  • Radical Rack

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