Redefining the concept of dedicated support for audio electronics.



The Radical Rack 3200 table is born with the ambition of redefining the concept of dedicated support for audio electronics.

Crafted in a mechanical workshop using an artisanal process, it uses uprights and crossbars made of solid Anticorodal aluminum with a square section of 30/30. It has a specific weight of 2.5 kg per linear meter.

The uprights and crossbars fit together, locked with stainless steel bolts and Teflon gaskets.

There are four uprights, one of which is adjustable in height, which brings the structure to maximum stability.

The support surfaces are made of glass, a material chosen after hours of listening and considered the best for supporting electronics and enhancing the intervention of the Harmonic Balancers.

The glass plates are decoupled from the crossbars with supports designed to reduce damage caused by vibrations/resonances.

The Radical Rack is finished with galvanic treatments. After processing and brushing, they are anodized in black.

The Radical Rack 3200 electronic tables have standard dimensions, with three shelves and a useful height of the lower shelves of 250 mm. The external dimensions in mm are: width 560, height 710, depth 500, for a total weight of 32 Kg.

This is where the name “3200” comes from, which corresponds to the weight in grams of the Rack.

The Radical Rack Mono, single units for speaker stands and electronics, are made to the customer’s specifications.

Radical design choices, hence the name Radical which not by chance recalls, with assonance but also with a certain similarity, the solid roots of trees.

Preserving the music signal generated by the source, in its entirety and beauty, is the guiding principle of Audio Mass.


Height 710 mm

Width 560 mm

Depth 500 mm

Distance between shelves 250 mm

Weight 32 Kg

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